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Hi I’m Moyra Matson...

I’m going to share with you my 6 Secret Steps to Catching and Keeping the Man of Your Dreams and Securing the Leading Role in the Passionate and Committed Relationship You Have Longed For All Your Life...

Now you might think this sounds pretty unbelievable...

Especially if you feel like you roll from one broken relationship to another.

Especially if you feel like all you get are disappointments, tears and despair when others get the fun, the love and the excitement.

Especially if you feel like you’re the only one left that this relationship stuff just isn’t working for.

Well, I’ve Got News for You So Listen Up Because You Will Want To Hear It!

Even if you’re tired of the run around and the disappointments that come with the dating game.

Even if you’ve had your fill and are determined not to put yourself out there again.

And, even if you truly believe you are never going to be lucky in the game of love...

You’re About to Get the Inside Scoop, the Real McCoy Method, the Absolute No Brainer Way to Get a Guy to Crave YOU, to Want YOU, to Desire YOU and Only YOU in the Same Way That he Craves the Most Decadent, Yummiest, Most Delicious Slice of Dreamy Chocolate Cake...

And Have Him Wanting MORE!!

Okay, so who am I to make these amazing promises and why should you listen to me?

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My name is Moyra Matson...

Yes, I’m a real person, not some figment

of a copy writer’s imagination. Yes, and

that’s my photo too. As you can see, I’m

just a normal every day kind of girl. I’m

not a model, a sex expert or anyone



And, What Can I Do For You?

 Well, I’m about...

To short circuit your journey in the dating game.

To help you end those long, lonely nights at home.

To teach you how to find a quality man and keep him.

To show you that having a passionate and committed relationship is not out of the realm of possibility.

 And, All of This Because...

worriedI’ve been there and I’ve been frustrated with my own results... or lack there of

I know what it’s like to yearn for that fulfilling, loving relationship that you see others enjoying

I wanted love, the big love, the toe curling love, the happy ever after man by my side forever kind of love...

... And I got so fed up with it not working for me that I took it a step further...

booksAfter months of research, interviews, asking endless questions of both men and women I was finally ready to put all that I learned into...

6 Secret Steps that will turn your dating ideas on their head, make you wonder why you think the old way worked and above all, increase your chances of getting right.


6 Essential Steps to Melt His Heart and Make Him Yours.

I’ve created a manual, a step by step process that will help you navigate the tricky field of dating and relationships.

 Here’s a Sneak Peek at What to Expect...

What You Will Learn...

  • How to get yourself relationship ready.
  • How to understand the attraction principal and make it work for you.
  • Why the Knight in Shining Armour myth is just a myth.
  • How to understand, communicate with and relate to a man.
  • How to have fun, flirt and be fabulous.
  • How to deal with game changers and speed bumps.
  • How to go from first date to sleep over.

... And so much more.

So, what is

worth to you?

I’m quite sure that you would think it was priceless if you could change the results you’ve been having up until now wouldn’t you?

Well, DON’T PANIC because even though I know firsthand how successful happy couple is because I’ve tried it and it’s worked for me I’m going to make it really easy for you to get the benefits of the program that I did...

After all, we are all in this together and we all deserve to have the love and happiness that we crave.

So, here’s the deal... I’m not going to charge you some crazy amount like $297 (even though I bet you would pay that for the success I had)

I’m not even going to charge you $197 or even $97!!


For one easy payment of $47

will be yours!!



This is what You you get in the

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The Full Be The Women Men Crave E-Book


The Complete Be The Women Men Crave Audio Book

And, Don’t Miss Out on These Fabulous Bonuses Included In Your Purchase Absolutely FREE

Get 5 Value Packed Bonuses When You Order Today


Bonus One: 10 Steps To Self Love – Live The Life You Dare To Dream

Without a relationship of love, trust and respect for self all other relationships will be fraught with issues, stress and disappointment.

Bonus Two: Lost for Words – The Ultimate Guide to Great Dating Conversation

Do you clam up when you meet someone knew? Do you kick yourself when the date is over because you were too nervous to jump right into the conversation? Well, here are some quick and simple tips to keep conversation flowing and relaxed and ensure your next date is an absolute breeze.

Bonus Three: The Online Dating Revolution – 6 Essential Rules to Finding the Perfect Date Online

Online dating doesn’t have to be scary, confusing or disappointing. Done the right way it can be fun and incredibly successful. It worked for me so here’s some tips to help it work for you...

Bonus Four: Free lifetime access to our Member’s Only area giving you videos and audios to download and follow as you work through the program. Short, sharp snippets to help you move forward with ease, answer some burning questions and help you enjoy the dating game like you have never before.

Bonus Five: Do you ever feel like your friends and family really don’t want to talk about your dating and relationship woes? Finding a friendly and supportive ear can often be the catalyst that helps us move on and make good decisions around our love lives. So with that in mind we are also offering you ... Access to our Woman’s Forum.

This is a place where our members support each other, offer helpful advice and acknowledge each other achievements. It’s a place where you can ask questions, discuss situations and get guidance when the going gets tough.

On a final note…

Do you want to

If you answered ‘yes’ to that question and I sure hope you did, then you need to do something that will make a man stand up and take notice.

Be decisive, know your own mind and act on it – men find this irresistibly attractive.

Make a decision and go after it.Thumb up02

Start by making one easy decision right now...

Everything is in place, all you need to do is act on it.

And there’s really no way you can lose…

Unless you choose to walk away from this wonderful opportunity and do nothing…

So click the button below right now…



Moyra Matson



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